Coach’s Clinic

It is never easy for anyone to admit that they know they can do better, but when those who are driven with the ambition to succeed realize that asking for help and guidance is actually a sign of strength rather than one of weakness then they are ready to move beyond and find their NEXT LEVEL!

Advisor Solutions Coach’s Clinics have been structured to offer advisors detailed, valuable and industry-specific systems and processes; strategies, scripts, tools & techniques that are customizable; ancillary learning, motivation and support and awareness, action & accountability!

Advisor Solutions has created a series of group coaching clinics which consist of 3- sessions, one session per week, to help financial advisors increase their awareness, action and accountability about specific business building topics. The group coaching clinic uses the following format:

Week 1:           Course Material– In week one, each advisor will receive a chapter of course material which will consist of an Introduction, Challenges, Solutions and Action Steps. It is the advisor’s responsibility to read the course material before we start the first session. The goal for the first session is to understand solutions then take action! 

Week 2:           Workbook Material– In week two, each advisor will have a workbook chapter and quiz that tests their comprehension of the course material.  In addition, we will assess their action step progress. The goal of this second session is to help advisors assess their comprehension and progress!

Week 3:           Case Study Material– In week three, each advisor will receive a case study on the subject material. The goal of this third session is to help the advisor identify with the case study and the example advisor’s challenges and solutions.  We will then discuss how this material applies to the various group members’ situations!

The Next Coach’s Clinic is Mastering Questions-Based Selling

Wednesday, March 5, 2013

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