Team Session Format

Each Team Coaching session will have the same format to ensure continuity. The session format is as follows:

1. Check In—Each team member will be asked to “check in” with the group by giving a brief overview of their assessment and accountability of their activities. This is the time to tell the group what you are doing with your business. It is also a great opportunity to learn from the other group members!

2. Accountability Coaching Check In—During the “check-in” portion of the session, you will be asked to comment on your accountability coaching session and explaining your single take away from it. It is also a great opportunity for your accountability partner to understand their impact on your success!

3. Advisors Session Topic—Each team member will have filled out their Team Coaching Journal to discuss their:

  • “Best Practices Activities” Worksheet—designed to clarify the activities discussed.
  • Current Challenges—designed to clarify the current challenges within the activities.
  • Solutions, Strategies, Tools and Techniques—designed to map out future action steps during the session which the advisor will discuss in the Team Coaching “Check-In”.

4. Questions, Comments & Single Take-Away—Each team member will be asked if they have any questions or comments. Often times, this is a great way to clarify topics, tools, strategies and solutions previously discussed. Also, each team member will finish the session by explaining what they got from the session or their single take away.