The Advisor Solutions Team Coaching Program is a groundbreaking, unique blend of Group, Mastermind and Individual Coaching which will help you and your team members build a better business…one solution at a time and here’s how:

  • Group Coaching: The group (“Team”) meets a minimum of once a month (twice if requested) with the advisor’s coach to discuss monthly goals, team member roles, action steps as well as to create accountability for what has been accomplished since the previous team coaching session. The “Team” puts aside their business hierarchy for the session to discuss their individual challenges providing an equal foundation for all. In this format advisors are encouraged to speak freely without concern of repercussions, knowing full well that the group coaching session is designed to create better team systems in order to accomplish long-term goals.
  • Mastermind Coaching: During these “Team” sessions it is important to note that as one team member discusses their specific current challenges with applying new tools, techniques and strategies the advisor’s coach as well as other team members will be discussing solutions to help them. This format creates camaraderie and ancillary learning as well as promotes a stronger overall team atmosphere.
  • Individual Coaching: During regular “Team” sessions as outlined above the advisor’s coach will be facilitating coaching sessions and looking for any potential “red flags” that each financial advisor may be experiencing. Individual coaching sessions will then address uncovering those specific challenges explain the solutions and recommend actions steps for which the advisor will then be accountable for by the next session. In addition, teams may elect to have two (or three if requested) of the four coaching sessions be “Individual Coaching Sessions” in which one (or possibly two) financial advisors have 1-on-1 coaching time with the advisor’s coach. This is to ensure individual attention be focused on more in-depth challenges and role play as well as any of the following coaching modalities:
    1. Fundamental Coaching: Designed around specific fundamental tools.
    2. Topical Coaching: Designed around specific topics.
    3. Situational Coaching: Designed around specific situations in the pipeline.

The Advisor Solutions Team Coaching Program was created to help advisors with varying levels of experience become more AWARE of their goals, team roles, activities, challenges and solutions. This will generate ACTION that will help improve daily performance and positively affect business outcomes. Plus, ACCOUNTABILITY in a peer setting will accelerate the advisor’s (and team’s) progress by providing greater focus on purposeful action.  As a result, this will ensure that each team member is working towards common team goals!