1-on-1 Coaching Overview

There are three coaching modalities that the Advisor Solutions Consultant/Coach will cover during a coaching session. The client may elect to have his/her coach focus on one, two or all three of them based on what the client’s need are:

1.    Fundamental Coaching is much like getting back to the fundamentals of playing a sport when practicing for a “big game”. Think back to your earliest memory of playing a sport-say…football. What was 99% of the time spent on during practice?  That’s right, the fundamentals! Now, picture not having a coach to help you get ready for the “big game”.  Would your team be better or worse without having a coach? Worse of course! What if you didn’t have a coach to teach you the fundamentals of the game to begin with?  Unlike your early days of playing sports, you probably didn’t have a business coach to help you develop the fundamentals of “running your business like a business”. Well now you can! Remember, PRACTICE DOES NOT MAKE PERFECT. PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT! If you practice the fundamentals the wrong way, you will not become perfect, but instead permanent in performing the wrong tasks

2.     Topical Coaching is much as the name implies, coaching around a specific topic that the advisor has a challenge with. Often times, financial advisors may feel stuck, unclear or unsure of just what solution/s may be available to help. When this happens, Topical Coaching is a great place to discuss current challenges on a specific topic. The Advisor Solutions Business Consultant/Coach will then explain the solution/s and direct the financial advisor to specific reading material from the S.M.A.R.T. Start Group Coaching Program to help them take action!

 3.    Situational Coaching is a very hands-on step-by-step process in which the advisor elects to spend time focusing on closing one or a number of specific “situations” or cases. This process is designed to focus on understanding the following:

  • What is the specific situation?
  • What is the prospect/s personality type?
  • What are their possible hot/cold buttons?
  • Where are they in the pipeline? What is the desired outcome?
  • What are any/all possible objections?
  • What are the Objection Resolution Models?
  • What is the best strategy for the meeting?
  • What are the possible closing techniques?

This is a very in-depth strategy to making the advisor/client connection and getting results! Advisor Solutions recommends that any financial advisor who wants to get the next level should take advantage of Situational Coaching during their Individual Coaching Sessions