Advisor Solutions S.M.A.R.T Start Financial Advisor Group Coaching Program was created to help advisors from all channels (wire house, bank and independent) become more AWARE of their challenges, find ACCOUNTABILITY in a peer setting and generate ACTION that will help improve daily performance and positively affect business outcomes.  

 Across the board the advisors that have join our S.M.A.R.T Start Financial Advisor Group Coaching Program have let us know that they are mastering the difference between working harder and working smarter and are taking their businesses from surviving to thriving. 

 Each weekly call will have four to eight financial advisors each with their own unique experiences to contribute to the session. Each session is based around the session topic. Clients will be given a course curriculum which will outline the topic of discussion as well as specific action steps to be performed before and after each session.

 What you can expect from S.M.A.R.T Start Financial Advisor Group Coaching Program is a roadmap of what works! Dan Finley has personally created all of the material & curriculum based on hundreds of hours of individual coaching and research taken from over 30 sources in the financial services industry.

A veteran advisor with 15 years in the business said it best after completing the 24 week program when he said, “I feel like this was like getting a Ph.D. in being a financial advisor!”

Advisor Solutions can safely say that you can expect to get out of the program as much if not more than what you put into the program. In other words, you must want to show up to the sessions, read the chapters, bring a question for the group, post your answers, participate in the discussion and apply the action steps in order to develop lasting habits to build a better business. This material will make a difference in your financial advisory business!