Hear How an Independent Veteran Financial Advisor Got His Confidence Back!!

Terry is a 14 year veteran financial advisor who recently left a major wirehouse to move to the largest independent firm in the country. The transition was not a smooth one and as a result he found himself with lack of direction and focus.  Hear how Terry explains how his time management skills increased 100% as a result of working with Advisor Solutions! In addition, hear about how his pipeline has never been as full as it is right now and that he has never had as many appointments! Terry explains that now has his confidence back!!!

Hear How a Veteran Advisor DOUBLED his Fee-Based Assets!

Scott is a 15 year veteran financial advisor who had wanted to gain more focus and direction in his business. He is amateur cyclist who has trained and raced in many competitions. He knows the value of having a good coach to help him be accountable daily to win! Hear how Scott explains the accountability that he gets with Advisor Solutions coaching and how it helped his Fee-Based Assets Under Management DOUBLE in only 5 months!!! 

Hear How a Financial Advisor used Situational Coaching to get Results!

Chris isa newer advisor who wanted to increase his prospecting skills. Part of doing so is to become effective at each of the 9 Steps of the Client Acquisition Process. He had a big appointment with a client to whom he had made the same recommendations to a year earlier. This time, he was very prepared! Hear his story and learn how he used the Advisor Solutions 2nd Appointment Process to focus on overcoming objections and closing the sale! Chris was so effective at it that he closed the sale and made $5,000 gross that day!!!

Hear How a Financial Advisor Became Time Efficient and Confident!

Emily is a rookie advisor who, as she puts it, hit a wall in developing new business. She wanted to increase her confidence in making cold calls, increase her time management skills and develop a more effective method of networking. Hear how she has become CONFIDENT to make cold calls and got the  RESULTS  she wanted, learned HOW TO WORK A ROOM in half the time and become much more PROACTIVE with her day!

Hear How a Financial Advisor works SMARTER while Working Harder!

Ed is an advisor that wanted to increase his level of working smarter while he was working hard. Hear how he has increased his organization skills, activity and structure for his first appointments, second appointments and overall closing skills! Since he started working with Advisor Solutions, he has had the honor of speaking at his company’s corporate headquarters to the rookie class! Ed is ranked # 1 in his class for new accounts!

Hear How a Financial Advisor went from Reactive to Proactive!

Peter had a common challenge in that he was in a reactive mode trying to balance his day between servicing his current clients and prospecting. He had been frustrated with the process of getting his business to the next level while working with this type of system. Hear how Peter, after working with Advisor Solutions,  has a clearer vision of what he wants his business to be and how to get it there as well as an increased level of confidence in prioritizing his present activities which have taken him from a reactive model to a proactive one!!!

Hear How a Financial Advisor Learns to Focus on What Matters Most!

Mark is a financial advisor who has had numerous years of experience as a sales manager and regional sales manager in another industry. He had great success gathering assets from his natural market as well as cold calling. Mark was interested in finding additional guerilla marketing campaigns so as to not be dependent on one form of prospecting. In addition, he wanted coaching on tactical issues, situational coaching as well as an overall increased level of focus on activities that would help him produce the best results. Hear how his Advisor Solutions experience, discipline and accountability have helped Mark stay focused!!!

Hear How an experienced Insurance/Financial Advisor CFP saw results in just two months!

Joe is an experienced Insurance Agent who entered his independent business in 1987; in addition, he became a Financial Advisor in 1995 and later a CFP® .  He was interested in finding new strategies to grow his financial advisory business as well as increase his time management and organizational skills. Hear how in only two months of working with Advisor Solutions, Joe was able to implement networking strategies and an organizational track as well as utilize situational coaching. “Additional business is coming in because my level of confidence has increased and that is a direct result of working with Advisor Solutions“.  In addition, Joe has been asked to be a keynote speaker to a crowd of CPA ‘s!!!!

Hear How an Advisor in a 25 Year Practice found Focus and a Niche!

Brandy had a unique situation in that she was an advisor who had teamed up with her mother to bring their 25 year old practice to a new level. Due to her mother’s health issues, she was faced with the incredible challenge of running and growing the business while her mother went into semi-retirement. When we began working together, Brandy’s’ main objectives were to create a more efficient and effective business while developing her own niche in the partnership as well as implementing opportunities for growing new accounts, new assets and new relationships. We quickly identified cross-servicing opportunities on the insurance side of the business, which became the niche practice she needed; she became an expert at creating insurance reviews as well as financial plans. In one week alone, she wrote 6 insurance policies!

Hear How an Advisor Increased His Level of Quality of Activities!

Kenyon was interested in finding a better way of structuring his time and activities in order to reach a higher level of results. Hear how we worked on providing awareness, action and accountability to structure a well-rounded plan that was specific for his needs. By focusing on his level of activities as well as quality of each activity, he was able to reach a new level in his business! Since this recording, he has had his single biggest production day to date…. $17,000!!!

Hear How a Client Met and Exceeded Her Goals!

Kathleen is a 17 year veteran financial advisor who was interested in increasing her level of activities, new clients and production. She originally had a production goal that she wanted to hit in the first three months of working with Advisor Solutions. By designing a customized strategy to fit her business model, we not only met her production goals, but exceeded them! Next, we focused on going back to finding additional clients which would increase her assets and production. Hear how this structured approach put her mentally back in the game! Since this recording, Kathleen has taken the plunge and became independent!!!

Hear How an Advisor had a 500% Increase in Revenue!

Anna is a financial advisor that was in a bit of a slump which was causing her to go into situational depression. Here is how she went from suffering a lack of focus to a specific tailor-made plan to help her concentrate on her activities annual, monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly which led to a 500% increase in her business!!!

Hear an Advisor used Situational Coaching to get Results!

Josh is a financial advisor who wanted to strengthen his prospecting and selling skills to get better results. Ironically, he has previous selling experience in another industry, but he felt that some of his previous sales training was a little too high pressure when trying to establish long-term client/advisor relationships.  We focused on “situational coaching”,  a process of working on specific cases to ensure greater success. Josh experienced immediate results! Since this recording, he has had a $12,500 day!!!

Hear How an Advisor went from $50,000 to $10,000,000 A.U.M.!

Alan is a newer financial advisor who had a lot of experience in other aspects of the financial services industry. When he began working with Advisor Solutions, he had been in production for about five months and had $50,000 under management. About a year later, he had $10,000,000 under management! Hear his story in his own words! Since this recording, he has closed a $2,000,000 account!!!